Big Mossy Logs

Interesting things happen around the 19 week mark of pregnancy.  It’s the second trimester.  If there’s been any morning sickness it should be long gone. Your baby starts to look like an actual person instead of some insect peanut alien.  Your baby starts moving around and making itself known. Of course it’s not just the baby that’s changing and getting bigger.  Your belly, butt and boobs like to join in the fun too!  Woo-hoo!

During this time I’ve read that many women feel more sexually inclined.  Some think it’s because of all the extra blood that’s hanging out down near the baby.  Which means it’s also hanging out in your naughty bits.  Sadly for me and my hubby, I believe all that blood is devoting itself to the tiny person in my belly and not my naughty bits.  I have never felt less sexy in all my life.

To make matters worse, my legs look like two mossy logs right now.  This isn’t laziness on my part.  I can be a pretty lazy person; a good example is this very blog.  What happened to January?  It got away from me before I could tackle my discipline to the ground again.

So no, it’s not that I’m too lazy to shave my mossy logs.  Hubby and I are not what one would call wealthy and those razor refills are amazingly expensive.  If anyone could tell me where I can get Venus razor refills for only a buck and half for a pack of four you will never have to read about my hairy man legs again.

As it is they cost about ten or eleven dollars for a pack of four. So I put off buying razor refills. The six month old razor I had barely cut the hair in my pits, I wasn’t about to try to make it cut the old growth that had accumulated on my legs.

Here’s the funny thing though. While living in the desert my legs were freshly shaved every other day.  Even though I wore jeans most of the time; yes even in the sweltering summers.  I don’t think my thighs are very nice to look at so I’d hide them with denim. It didn’t matter how old the razor was. I would press it firmly to my legs, risking a life threatening gash to an artery just to have nice smooth legs.  The thing about living in the desert is that you never know when someone is going to suggest swimming.  Most people have pools in their backyard or know at least three people who do.  So on hot days even if I was decked out in my jeans you never knew when someone would say “Let’s go swimming at your house.” Or sometimes “Let’s go to Oasis.”  If you don’t know what Oasis is, it was a fantastic water park in the desert.  It’s now called Knott’s Soak City. Worst change ever. But that’s a whole blog on its own.

So if you took twenty extra minutes to “grab you swim suit and a towel” everyone knew what you were doing.  Also being teenagers the excitement of a new activity could wear off pretty quickly so you didn’t want to make your friends wait around.

I didn’t stop shaving my legs on a regular basis until I got to Seattle.  My first winter here was freezing. A couple days in a row I was late to class so I neglected shaving my legs during my shower those mornings to save time.  As the hair on my legs grew I found I was just a little bit warmer than usual and since I had no boyfriend to impress I let my leg hair grow. Now that I’ve acclimated to the Seattle weather I can’t say that I let my leg hair grow for warmth.  I blame the prenatal vitamins that I’m taking.  My hair and nails grow much more efficiently since I started taking them. Which is just another perk of pregnancy, scary long nails and ridiculous hairy legs.


3 responses to “Big Mossy Logs

  1. You make me laugh. I love you. All totally true though!

  2. Your entry cracks me up. Love the writing, Staci! Keep it up!

    Was Knott’s Soak City the place we went when I came down there?

  3. Yes, Knott’s Soak City is where we went. And if I recall I couldn’t stop talking about how much cooler it used to be. 🙂

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