The Bike Lane

I may get a lot of flak for this particular post, but I’m going to talk about it anyway.

The most frustrating thing about driving in Seattle isn’t the poorly designed roads, ridiculous rush hour or insane road construction at bizarre times, but trying to drive alongside bikes.  I have nothing against people who would rather ride their bike than drive a car.  More power to you!  Saving the environment and staying healthy, it’s a great mode of transportation.

My issue with bike riders is the fact that many of them think they can do whatever the hell they please!  Half the time they follow laws for cars and the other half of the time they follow laws for pedestrians.   It drives me crazy!  I can’t be courteous to them if they’re going to randomly switch laws they’re abiding by.  Just the other day I was driving by a biker.  He was hugging the curb and I gave him a wide berth. I passed him.  I get up to a stop sign look for cars, glance in my mirror to make sure said biker is behind me and I start to make my left turn. Suddenly Mr. Biker is randomly zooming in front of me to make his own left turn.  Why could he do this? Because he was suddenly a pedestrian using the crosswalk that didn’t require a signal of any kind! He, of course, scowled at me and kept on. I’d passed him, he was just moseying along behind me and the second I start to go, he put the pedal to the metal and attempts to pass me.

Bike lanes make me nervous as well.  Just because there’s a bike lane doesn’t mean a biker is obliged to use it.  I’ve seen several bikers weave in and out of the bike lane as cars are trying to pass them.  If cars were to go weaving in and out of their designated lanes there would be repercussions. I don’t mind there being a bike lane, I just wish people would use it properly.

When I first moved to Seattle, the animosity I felt between drivers and bikers was strange.  I wasn’t driving my first few years in Seattle so I couldn’t really understand it. I do understand it now. I do my best to make bikers feel safe as they ride and I pay extra close attention when a biker is near, I just wish they would do the same for me.


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