Home Sweet House

Right now my mind is muddled mess.  For those of you who follow this blog, or know me personally, you’re probably aware of the fact that my parents sold their house.  This week I flew to California for a total of three days to help them pack and move.  When I arrived most of the packing had been done. The only thing that was left were those annoying odds and ends that don’t really go anywhere, but you use on a daily basis. That’s what I got to help with.  We left California on Monday around six in the evening. The hardest part for me about the whole thing, aside from coming to terms with the fact that I won’t be back to the desert for God knows how long, was leaving the house itself.

My family moved into that house when I was eight years old. We’ve had many a birthday, Halloween and Christmas at that house. When I was younger I would imagine myself coming home with a family of my own and that was the house I always saw. So it was actually quite painful to walk away from it knowing that I would never know who was inside it again. The emptiness of it didn’t bother me; it felt lonely to me. It honestly felt like leaving a pet behind or something. I felt like we were forgetting something so I went on at least three walk throughs and peeked in every closet, opened every empty drawer and cupboard and found them all cleaned out.  It took me awhile to realize the thing we were forgetting was the house itself.


One response to “Home Sweet House

  1. i completely can relate here. my parents sold the house i grew up in several years ago. i spent the first 22+ years of my life calling that house home. even when i was at college, and my brother moved into my room. It wasn’t quite as “home” as it used to be but it was still my home…if that makes sense.

    I distinctly remember standing in my room and it all hitting me. This was no longer my room, my house or my home. It was a very strange feeling because it was the only place that had ever been home for me…and I’d never seen it empty. Very weird feeling.

    And I totally thought it would always be my home too…like when I had a family I would take them to my home, to meet my family, and whatnot. I realize life changes, and things like this aren’t in our control, but its nice to have that familiar, comfortable place where you can relax.

    My parents are separated and my Dad’s lived in several places since we sold the house and none of his places ever really were “home” for me. My mom moved into a condo, and while technically that’s home, its not the same and not completely home for me. I guess part of that is how long I spent in that first house…and that my parents were together then.

    Ok this is now turning into my own blog…sorry…but Larol & Carry’s new home will be your home too before you know it. It will take some getting used to, and it will be different but home is more about the people than it is about the physical house…even as great of a house as your desert home sounded 🙂

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