Who Are You?

Just a quick warning, I’m typing this directly into wordpress. I haven’t read it several times throughout the week, done much editing or anything like that. What you’re reading is essentially a rough draft. So, sorry for any glaring errors; if you can, please ignore the small ones. Thanks.

To thine own self be true. Know thyself. Who the hell are you? Many of us may think we know ourselves. Many of us may think we know what we want out of life, whether we know how to get it or not. I don’t make similar claims. If I knew myself I doubt I’d be writing this blog. I doubt I’d be writing much at all. The problem with claiming you know who you are is that things change. Jobs, circumstances, addresses they all change and with that change comes a shift in your character. I think this is most easily illustrated by music.

This works for me because I’ve always been a lover of music. The music I listened to defined my life. For example, in Junior High I listened to a lot of Nirvana, Bush, Silverchair and Weezer. Obviously I was into grunge and a sort of indescribable inner pain. Once High School hit those tastes developed into things like Nine Inch Nails, and Korn. About halfway through Limp Bizkit came on the scene, only to be followed by Eminem, and strangely enough Save Ferris. After High School I wouldn’t be caught dead bumping Limp Bizkit in my car. It was a thing of the past. I like to think that my tastes grew after High School. I got into The Pixies, Queens of the Stone Age, Ok Go, and quite a few more. I’m more open to classical music and country. I’ll give a song a chance before I switch it off. Throughout all this musical transition there was one constant; Weezer was always at the top of my list and actually still is. I like Weezer a lot because even though a lot of their stuff sounds similar it’s all different. Weezer has evolved and grown over time. That’s sort of how people are. We grow and change and even though we’re different we’re still the same.

Just like many folks I’ll pop in a Nirvana album from time to time and sing along remembering the days of old, but it’s not the soundtrack to who I am anymore. I think who I am will always be shifting and changing, which may be strange to some folks. So I guess that’s really who I am, a strange woman.


One response to “Who Are You?

  1. we have had similar musical journeys. 🙂

    weezer is one of my all time faves as well. top 5 fo shizzzz

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