Writer’s Block

I’m starting to feel the pressure of deadlines. When I started this whole thing I had a lot already written. I had five weeks worth of writing, all edited and ready to go. At the point of writing this four of those articles have been used up. Here’s a deadline and pressure, ready… write something awesome! Every time I sit down to write something that sounded really funny/deep/thought provoking I see that actually it’s nothing.

So instead of trying too hard and busting something in my brain I decided to write about being blocked. Go writers block! Here are some things I do when I have writers block.

1. Go and check my email a million times even though I know I won’t have anything new. Honestly, everyone I normally get emails from has a real job where they can’t send ten emails to me a day to distract me from writing. I’ll also somehow spend an hour and half on Facebook, Myspace, Livejournal and my website/blog.

2. Make up excuses for getting up and leaving the writing for a moment. I’m cold and need a sweater. I’m thirsty for water, coffee or tea. Usually a hot beverage that takes longer to make. I like feeling like some sort of cliché; the desperate writer sits at their desk with a cup of black coffee, smoking a cigarette, except I can’t smoke in the house it’s a rental. Besides I don’t smoke on a regular basis. I digress…

3. The cat is annoying me so I decide she needs some attention and I go play with her.

4. I need to loose a few pounds so I go work out with our Wii Fit for awhile.

5. The laundry needs to be done.

6. I borrowed a movie and have to watch it. Or I have movies I need to take back.

Some of these things I know need to get done; things like the laundry, working out, returning movies to Blockbuster, and yes even playing with the cat. My point is I decide to do them during my writing time. When I’m writing I need to stay put and focus and write something, doesn’t matter if it’s good or not, just something.

Writers block is terrible because it makes me depressed. I think I was built to write. If I don’t write at least a bit a day I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything. I could cure cancer, bring peace to all nations and get my whites as white as can be, but if I haven’t written anything during that monumental day, it would feel wasted.

So I’m built to write, to tell stories. I truly believe that; whether it’s meant to be read by the masses, well we have yet to see how that goes.


2 responses to “Writer’s Block

  1. I do the same sort of things, but call it “work block”. 🙂 Man, if you want a timesink, you should check out Twitter.com. Now I’m O/C about checking it.

  2. Actually, I’m curious what you think about Twitter, because it’s micro-blogging. Might help you find a cure for writer’s block, because you could “tweet” an idea as it came to you, then expound later. I’m twitter.com/firewallender, btw.

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