Dear Prudence

Across the Universe is one of my all time favorite movies. I love the music, the dancing, the drugs, it’s all wonderful. While watching the movie for the third or fourth time one of the lines triggered in my head a question, a wondering really. Jude is getting ready to leave Liverpool. Phil says ‘You’ll miss this place.’ Jude replies ‘Don’t count on it Phil.’

That got me wondering, what makes a place, the people or the location? I’m beginning to lean toward the people. Here’s why. When I left the Coachella Valley I didn’t think I’d miss it at all, it was too hot and dry. There were no colors, no seasons, no life it seemed, until I left it. I came to Seattle not knowing a soul and although the place was beautiful, I had no one, I was alone.

I thought I missed the desert. In the middle of the beautiful Seattle fall I missed the heat and normalcy of the desert. But was it really the heat? No, I associated those elements with my friends and family. I missed Dustin, Danielle, Brandon and Lynda. I missed my mom, dad and sister.

They were in the desert so that’s where I wanted to be. It wasn’t the desert scenery I wanted it was the people. Had they not been in the desert, I would have had no reason to go back. Once I’d finally gotten settled and found some friends here I stopped wanting to go to the desert every week.

You find places that make you feel at home. One such place during the summer of ’06 was Prost!, a German bar in Greenwood. The boys were familiar with two of the bartenders there. And when I say they were familiar I mean we’d walk through the door and they’d already have our half liters ready. We were there so often the boys eventually got t-shirts for drinking so many liters. It was nice to be there and we always looked forward to going, nearly every night. Our bank accounts hated it, but we loved it.

Then the two bartenders decided to go to South America together. After that any time we went we’d get carded, beers would take forever and we’d get half the punches on our cards.

We went less and less, and missed it less and less. When we talked about missing it, we’d talk about those bartenders. We still hit up Prost! every now and then, but we’re just as likely to be at Dantes, Feierabend, Die Bierstube or St. Andrews.

So when Jude said he wasn’t going to miss “that place” I knew it was true. There were no deep relationships forged there, besides his mum, which is a given. There was no one there to make him miss it.


One response to “Dear Prudence

  1. Prost! is freaking great. I do miss the “old Prost!” but we’ve started making more regular trips there (not nearly as often as that summer…but that’s a good thing) as of late. We’ve also befriended the new bartenders and I feel as though we have the same sort of relationship with the new girls as we did with the old. We walk in and we get cold, German biers within a few minutes and a giant bowl of pretzels. I think we’ve made Prost! home again, at least that’s how I feel, and that makes me happy.

    Also, Missy & Lisa went to South America 😛

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